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World’s largest white desert, India’s longest coastline, shore temples, the habitat of Asiatic lions, countries first marine national park, ancient Buddhist caves, Harappan citadels more than 4,000 years old and handicrafts and handlooms trail making Gujarat a tourist paradise and is a place worth taking  a Gujarat tour as it has all the reasons on this earth to be on every traveller bucket list. Gujarat tourism is full of culture, heritage and nature blend together to form the western Indian, Gujarat, home of nature and history. The cultural abode of tourists, the strength of Gujarat lies in its diversity and fascinating way of life. The history of the place speaks for itself as it is home to one the biggest freedom fighter, Mahatma Ghandiji.  So those who want to wish to explore the beauty of Gujarat and want to take a Gujarat tour, can look above for the more info on Gujarat tour packages.

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Some of the best Gujarat tour places to visit if you take a Gujarat tour which is included in our Gujarat tour packages:

  • Rann Of Kutch

When we go on a Gujarat tour, the best Gujarat tour places to visit is Rann of Kutch which is probably the most beautiful thing you will ever lay your eyes on. Rann of Kutch is the world’s largest white salt dessert also called as “White Dessert” or “Safed Rann”. Rann Of Kutch also provides Rann Mahotsav which is the best time to visit Gujarat, with Rann of Kutch coming alive with music , cultural shows, dances, food, camel safari and artisans flaunting their ware making it to be included in our Gujarat tour packages.

  • Gir National Park

The 2nd place to visit when you take a Gujarat tour is the Gir National Park which is also included in our Gujarat tour packages, is the best place for you to come face t0 face of the Asiatic lions. Gir is a place or you can call it a home for many wild animal spices like the hyenas, fish owls, black bucks and is also the only national park where animals live in complete harmony with each other. The best feeling here is riding the open top jeeps to watch the lions which is a must do thing in Gujarat making it to be included in our Gujarat tour places.

  • Bhuj

Bhuj is among the places included in out Gujarat tour packages which can cannot be missed when you take a Gujarat tour as the city takes you back into its history. The major attraction in Bhuj are the ancient monuments like Cenotaphs Complex , Prag Mahal, and Aina Mahal Palace which include marvellous creation with the interiors of mirrors. Bhuj connects you to a range of civilizations and important events in South Asian history making it to be included in our Gujarat tour packages.

Best Time to Visit Gujarat

The state has variant climatic conditions throughout the year. Gujarat has hot and dry summers, but pleasant winters. You can plan a trip to Gujarat all the year long, but the best time visit Gujarat is during winter months, November to February.

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